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Interior Decoration Tips From Your Friendly Sydney Designer

Tips for Upgrading Your Bathroom

The bathroom is usually considered a purely functional space and not much attention is given to its upgrade until something is falling apart! However, your old bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the home for you. It’s where you do your toilet, refresh and relax. Upgrading your bathroom will not only make it look more beautiful but also perk up your mood whenever you use it.interior decoration sydney

Interior decoration of a bathroom can be costly; even then a few simple tips can help you save money while creating a big impact.

Repaint your Old Bathroom

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways of giving your old bathroom a new look. Be sure to buy paint that is mildew resistant. It is expensive but the bathroom is a small area to cover so the costs will balance out. If you can splurge a little, go for bold shades such as metallic blue, olive green or even grey or orange. You can get custom colour coding at interiordecorationsydney.com.au.

Neutral shades such as beige, white or light yellow can make your bathroom look a bit dated but such shades do cost less. Even then, you can brighten up the space by adding a plant, placing colourful towels or installing some bold tiles at specific places.

Change the Lights

Lights should be of major importance in your bathroom interior decoration plans. Dim lighting or a single bulb will not only make your bathroom look smaller and darker, it will ruin all the effects of the new paint. Maximum natural light is of course best during daytime but for the evenings, you should really install some stylish light fixtures at strategic positions. A pair of scone lights on either side of the mirror or an installed lighting in the ceilings in your shower area can certainly make a huge difference to the way your bathroom looks at night.

Buy Fresh Accessories

This adds to the expense but is unavoidable when you have added fresh paint and installed the latest lights in your bathroom. Small changes liking installing new chrome handles, knobs, toilet holders and towel holders can make a huge difference. You can buy them in gilded shades for a more opulent look or metallic shades to create drama. Also take a look at the shower. You might want to install a power shower (if you can afford it) or even the latest model of the basic shower to complete the look.

Add a Vintage Look

If you want a specific design for your bathroom interior decoration, a vintage look can make it look really classy and plush. Install a vintage designed vanity in rustic shade with gilded handles that will definitely add an old-world charm to your bathroom. It is also highly functional; giving you much needed storage space and concealing the plumbing beneath the sink. Complete the look by adding towel racks done in vintage designs and similar shades.

If you can’t afford a vanity, interior designers in Sydney will tell you that can still create an elegant look by installing a pedestal sink make of porcelain. Porcelain is always in fashion while exuding high-class style and goes very well with both chrome and gilded accessories.

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