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Enrol in A Kettlebell Course Accredited With Fitness Australia CECs

When you are a fitness instructor, your role not only includes training clients in exercises. It also includes advising them on the right kind of foods to eat. However, some kind of diets or the wrong foods, in general, may affect the client’s overall efforts or delay their ability to achieve their fitness goals.

Certain foods help boost immunity and metabolism and help clients achieve their fitness goals faster. As a fitness trainer with the adequate Fitness Australia CECs, you must always understand what can and can’t help the clients achieve their fitness goals. Here are some effects of restrictive diets on the client’s efforts.

kettlebell certification

May Lead to Weight Gain

You should understand what kind of diet would help your client and what would affect them adversely. By telling them to avoid certain kinds of foods completely, it might lead to lower metabolism and weight gain instead of helping them lose weight. It is important to understand nutrition and kind of foods that can help them lose weight or stay weight.

Rapid Body Change

A restrictive diet or something like a crash diet will help the client lose those extra kilos but it will also ensure that the client puts on weight just as quickly. Rapid changes to the body can affect the client’s overall health and skin too. As a fitness trainer, your FFC Melbourne kettlebells certification should also cover basic diet requirements and theory.

Rapid body changes over a short period of time can play havoc with anyone’s health. And if your clients have been working out of late, it could affect them adversely if they lose and put on weight rapidly because their blood pressure and heart rate could also be affected.


Overall ill health is often a result of bad nutrition and too much or too little exercise. If you have been training a client for a while now, understand their present diet and see how you can modify it to help them have long-term health.

When you exercise but eat the wrong quantity of required foods like protein, your body will be affected and muscles or bones may get weaker. In order to experience overall strengthening with muscles and bones, you have to tell your client to avoid restrictive diets.

Lower Energy Levels

Most people, sometimes even fitness trainers with the adequate kettlebell course believe that restricting the intake of foods like carbohydrates and starch or fats will help lose weight and stay fit. In reality, the body needs a balanced amount of everything to survive without suffering ill-health.

By restricting diets, the clients will experience lower energy levels and won’t be able to exercise to the best of their capability. They will get tired faster and eventually may stop exercising too.

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