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Enrol in A Kettlebell Course Accredited With Fitness Australia CECs

When you are a fitness instructor, your role not only includes training clients in exercises. It also includes advising them on the right kind of foods to eat. However, some kind of diets or the wrong foods, in general, may affect the client’s overall efforts or delay their ability to achieve their fitness goals.

Certain foods help boost immunity and metabolism and help clients achieve their fitness goals faster. As a fitness trainer with the adequate Fitness Australia CECs, you must always understand what can and can’t help the clients achieve their fitness goals. Here are some effects of restrictive diets on the client’s efforts.

kettlebell certification

May Lead to Weight Gain

You should understand what kind of diet would help your client and what would affect them adversely. By telling them to avoid certain kinds of foods completely, it might lead to lower metabolism and weight gain instead of helping them lose weight. It is important to understand nutrition and kind of foods that can help them lose weight or stay weight.

Rapid Body Change

A restrictive diet or something like a crash diet will help the client lose those extra kilos but it will also ensure that the client puts on weight just as quickly. Rapid changes to the body can affect the client’s overall health and skin too. As a fitness trainer, your FFC Melbourne kettlebells certification should also cover basic diet requirements and theory.

Rapid body changes over a short period of time can play havoc with anyone’s health. And if your clients have been working out of late, it could affect them adversely if they lose and put on weight rapidly because their blood pressure and heart rate could also be affected.


Overall ill health is often a result of bad nutrition and too much or too little exercise. If you have been training a client for a while now, understand their present diet and see how you can modify it to help them have long-term health.

When you exercise but eat the wrong quantity of required foods like protein, your body will be affected and muscles or bones may get weaker. In order to experience overall strengthening with muscles and bones, you have to tell your client to avoid restrictive diets.

Lower Energy Levels

Most people, sometimes even fitness trainers with the adequate kettlebell course believe that restricting the intake of foods like carbohydrates and starch or fats will help lose weight and stay fit. In reality, the body needs a balanced amount of everything to survive without suffering ill-health.

By restricting diets, the clients will experience lower energy levels and won’t be able to exercise to the best of their capability. They will get tired faster and eventually may stop exercising too.

Interior Decoration Tips From Your Friendly Sydney Designer

Tips for Upgrading Your Bathroom

The bathroom is usually considered a purely functional space and not much attention is given to its upgrade until something is falling apart! However, your old bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the home for you. It’s where you do your toilet, refresh and relax. Upgrading your bathroom will not only make it look more beautiful but also perk up your mood whenever you use it.interior decoration sydney

Interior decoration of a bathroom can be costly; even then a few simple tips can help you save money while creating a big impact.

Repaint your Old Bathroom

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways of giving your old bathroom a new look. Be sure to buy paint that is mildew resistant. It is expensive but the bathroom is a small area to cover so the costs will balance out. If you can splurge a little, go for bold shades such as metallic blue, olive green or even grey or orange. You can get custom colour coding at interiordecorationsydney.com.au.

Neutral shades such as beige, white or light yellow can make your bathroom look a bit dated but such shades do cost less. Even then, you can brighten up the space by adding a plant, placing colourful towels or installing some bold tiles at specific places.

Change the Lights

Lights should be of major importance in your bathroom interior decoration plans. Dim lighting or a single bulb will not only make your bathroom look smaller and darker, it will ruin all the effects of the new paint. Maximum natural light is of course best during daytime but for the evenings, you should really install some stylish light fixtures at strategic positions. A pair of scone lights on either side of the mirror or an installed lighting in the ceilings in your shower area can certainly make a huge difference to the way your bathroom looks at night.

Buy Fresh Accessories

This adds to the expense but is unavoidable when you have added fresh paint and installed the latest lights in your bathroom. Small changes liking installing new chrome handles, knobs, toilet holders and towel holders can make a huge difference. You can buy them in gilded shades for a more opulent look or metallic shades to create drama. Also take a look at the shower. You might want to install a power shower (if you can afford it) or even the latest model of the basic shower to complete the look.

Add a Vintage Look

If you want a specific design for your bathroom interior decoration, a vintage look can make it look really classy and plush. Install a vintage designed vanity in rustic shade with gilded handles that will definitely add an old-world charm to your bathroom. It is also highly functional; giving you much needed storage space and concealing the plumbing beneath the sink. Complete the look by adding towel racks done in vintage designs and similar shades.

If you can’t afford a vanity, interior designers in Sydney will tell you that can still create an elegant look by installing a pedestal sink make of porcelain. Porcelain is always in fashion while exuding high-class style and goes very well with both chrome and gilded accessories.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training


Training with kettlebells is very much in demand due to the various advantages they offer over regular indoor gyms. There may be a number of kettlebell training camps in your locality. A kettlebell workout can be effective if you have a good trainer who has completed his formal personal training Certifications. There are certain qualities that you must check for in a fitness trainer.


A personal trainer must look fit and healthy. Since your trainer will be teaching participants to get a fit and active lifestyle, he/she must have a fit and toned body. This shows that he/she is passionate about fitness.


Your personal trainer must have the necessary qualifications, credentials and training experience that are necessary to become a trainer. Have a look at his/her certificates to confirm this.

Maintain discipline

The kettlebell instructor must be commanding and should be able to maintain discipline amongst participants.

Keep the interest level up

The most important job of a functional fitness instructor is to constantly think of new ideas for the group and keep the interest level of the group up. He/she has to constantly be on his/her toes and think of various functional training activities which will keep workouts lively and fun.


A kettlebell instructor must be professional at all times while dealing with the participants. If your trainer gets involved in gossips or personal talks, it is the mark of an extremely unprofessional person.

Excellent communication skills

Since your functional fitness class will consist of various people from different backgrounds, it is important for the trainer to have excellent communication skills. He/she should be able to understand what the group wants and must be able to convey to the group how the exercises have to be performed.


A boot camp will require you to perform various rigorous physical activities. At such times, it is important to have a support system and cheerleader who will help you challenge your limits. Your boot camp trainer must provide you with constant feedback and motivation to challenge your body and overcome barriers.

Resolve conflicts

Participants are made to do various activities and physical games wherein they are pitted against each other. Many times, conflicts arise amongst participants and there are arguments. It is the role of your kettlebell trainer top resolve conflicts in a fair manner and not lose his/her cool while dealing with participants.

Share knowledge

When you join a boot camp, your ultimate aim is to get fit. However, you also look forward to getting additional knowledge about health and fitness. Apart from showing you how the boot camp activities in Norway are to be done, the trainer should also be able to convey the importance of doing various activities and how they can be beneficial to you. The trainer should be knowledgeable and must be open to sharing knowledge with students.

The effectiveness of a boot camp depends on the trainer. It is important to have a trainer who knows his/her job and has a track record of successful execution of kettlebell boot camps.

Getting Fit this Summer with a Bondi Personal Trainer

Summer is one of the best seasons in Australia. It is time to work out, tone your muscles, and get ready for all those activities including hiking, riding in the morning sun and those cooling swims. Exercising is always necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a fit body along with a growing mental strength.

If you are serious about ending your winter hibernation, it is best if you appoint a personal trainer. While choosing the Bondi personal trainer website, do not only shortlist the candidates based on the references they produce. Always, have a trail period of at least three days, so that you can establish your work out regime, rapport with the trainer as well as comfort while doing heavy duty exercises.

Personal trainers are will definitely whip you into shape. Here are a few benefits of having a personal trainer.


Bring Discipline in Your Life

A personal trainer sits down with you to discuss your work out sessions. If he or she feels you are overweight, then a second workout session would be recommended. And, to ensure, you make it to these sessions on time, you will tend to prioritise your work and personal life.

Push Your Limits

It is easy to give up. However, a personal trainer will keep pushing and pushing until you become comfortable with the exercise. You may not always have hard days. You will have days when you will feel extremely exhilarated doing exercises. However, there will be days when the trainer will put you through the wringer with difficult exercises. But, don’t forget, it’s for your own good.

Variety of Exercises

One of the best things about having personal trainers, it is not always about hitting the gym. An experienced and qualified personal trainer will give you all kinds of workouts including pilates workout – it could power yoga, aerobics, gymming, swimming or even going for long walk. You get the best of it all under one blanket.

Plan Your Routine

While your life is disciplined, it is clear that the work out plan is also set in place. One of the biggest benefits of having a personal trainer, is that he or she will tell you exactly what work out or exercises will suit you to lose weight and become fit at the earliest.

It is not necessary that the exercises that you do will always benefits you, especially if you are following your own work out plan. It is best to let the professionals do their job.

Diet Strategy

Personal trainers also keep a tab on your diets. While initially, it will be about cutting out fatty foods and junk food and replace it with healthy food such as fruits, it will slowly change. As you start shedding weight, your diet would keep changing, focusing on foods that are protein-rich ingredients that will balance the amount of energy that you shed while exercising.

Advantages of a good fitness website design for your personal training business

Having a good website for a personal training business is as important as having a business card. A website acts as a portal for clients to understand what services are offered by the personal trainer. It is a great marketing tool and represents your business to the client.

Start off with a simple website

As you set up your personal training business, you can start by launching a simple website with basic features for marketing. As and when you can afford to invest in upgrading your website, you can do it by adding a variety of features such as photos, videos, client testimonials etc. If you have the spare money then I highly receommend you hire a professional to create a fitness website design that resonates with your ideal prospect.

Sell your services to the client

The first thing that a customer looks at when they visit fitness online social profile. Post a short profile of yourself and list down your qualifications, experience, trainings undertaken, relevant fitness videos, pictures and client testimonials.

fitness marketing

No geographical barriers

A website can help you market your business to a wide range of customers in remote location. You do not have to personally interact with clients, just giving them the link to your website can help them understand what services you offer.


A good website can be a great tool for your clients and potential clients to learn about various types of trainings you provide, understand the pros and cons of each and determine if the training would be suitable for them. It helps in direct marketing of your services. you can find out more information at http://www.onlinefitnessprofits.com/personal-trainer-website/

Booking of appointments

You can add a feature to your website by which clients can log-in and book appointments or training sessions. You can integrate it to your calendar and get regular updates whenever someone books an appointment.

Portal for selling products

Your website can act as a portal for selling products such as exercise books, exercise CDs, workout gear, branded merchandise etc. Customer can place their orders on your website and this can act as an additional source of income for you.

Host live events

A website acts as a great tool for announcing and hosting live events such as debates, exercise sessions, discussions or seminars. You can have such events for members as well as non-members. This is a great marketing strategy for attracting new clients and engaging interest of existing clients.

Interact with customers

An interactive website is a great tool for keeping your clients actively engaged in discussions, updates about your services, new updates, session schedules etc. You can make announcements on your website and give notices about new training sessions.

Integration with social media

Websites can be a great marketing tool if they are integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. It helps spread the word about your business and attracts new people to your website which can give you new leads.

Various other features can be added to a website and it can be made into a great marketing asset. In other words, you must be creative in trying out various options for your website to help your business grow.

My Latest Website Design – Papillon Puppies

As many of you know I’m a mad dog lover and own two dogs myself, so I was chuffed to bits when my latest web design project was to create a fun looking design for a dog breeding website.

Papillon puppies wanted to show case their newest selection of dogs with a responsive SEO website. In the coming weeks I’ll be showcasing this exciting new project on my Facebook page so be sure to check out my page.

Till next time!


Fitness Marketing 101

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